Drawing cartoons and animating Disney characters…

Yup, that’s what always loved doing since the day I could hold a pencil.

I’ve always drew on random notebooks, agenda, and papers laying around my house for fun or because I was bored.

Yes, being bored in class made me draw A LOT!

Refused to the 3D Animation and Cartoons Program

After high school, I applied for a 3D animation program for college. I wasn’t good enough drawing on a computer and therefore, I didn’t get in the program.

From that moment on, I lost all of my passion for drawing.

Everything I always loved doing just seemed so annoying to do just because I knew I couldn’t pursue my studies in this field.

I then went into an alternative program of Fine Arts and then switched to Studio Arts where I had some animation and drawing classes.

Although they were interesting, I still really just loved my cartoons and didn’t care much about drawing a realistic fruit basket.

After those two years of college, my love for fashion, photography and traveling grew bigger. I applied to do my Bachelors at the Interdisciplinary Center in Israel, which I am still currently attending.

After creating @brandtravels , I was content of my pictures and posts but I knew something was missing! I needed to find the one different thing that would make me stand out, out of all the bloggers out there.

Finally, I have found my thing!

I started doodling on the pictures I took with my Wacom tablet and I thought, why not do this on every single post?

As you can see on my Instagram, it is going to well, and I couldn’t be happier with this idea!

I’ve also turned my friends into real life cartoon and animated their outfits!

If you are interested in getting a cartoon too, send me a message on my Instagram handle. I can’t wait to see the pictures you guys will send me!

Thank you for reading this short but important part of my life! Drawing has always been what I love doing most and I finally found a way to use it every single day combining it with my brand.