The Outfit

This week was once again, a pretty sunny day in Israel. Wearing pants and long sleeves isn’t an option anymore. That’s why I decided to go for this patterned skirt I got from Dana Ashkenazi today. Since it has a lot of details, embroidery and pompoms of different colours, I wanted to keep it simple and casual chic. I paired it with a simple black top, black Birkenstocks and trendy sunnies from Urban Outfitters.

Dana Ashkenazi is an Israeli boutique that opened in 2003. They’ve got the best clothes and keep the new trends coming in at all time. Although it is not the cheapest store you can get things from but the quality is definite worth the price it is for. You won’t be disappointed! You can learn more about Dana Ashkenazi here.

Because the skirt has some earthy colours in, I styled it with my H&M go-to bag. I can fit so much in it you guys would not believe it! Today, I headed to breakfast in Tel Aviv and then strolled those streets which I love! I got watermelon by the pool, took amazing palm trees pictures and found some cool street art all.

Hope you guys had a good Memorial Day and for my Israeli readers – hope you had a good holiday today as well!