A Glimpse of my Week

Are you a student? Do you work full time? Or are you a student with a part time job and also a full time blogger? Oh hey, that is me! Last week, I asked you guys if you were interested in knowing my day to day schedule. And to my surprise, a lot of you are involved in my personal life ha! Well, as promised, here is a glimpse of my hectic weeks and how to properly recharge for the next week.

On Sunday and Monday, I go to Jerusalem for my part-time job. I work there the entire day and I love it so much! Since I live in Tel Aviv, the bus is very long. Sometimes, it takes me four hours to get back home! I know there is always worst but after long days at work, you just want to be back at home already! I work as a Digital Coordinator, which means that I am constantly updating social networks and working from home.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I have school in the city of Herzliya all day long. I have homework, midterms, and finals, just like any other universities in the world. So all students reading this know the amount of work I must have. Luckily, this year has been better than the others and way less work which is perfect for me.

On Thursday, I work from home. I usually wake up early and just start my day off right with a good breakfast and good music! Waking up early is so important to me. I feel so productive and just pumped until late at night.

On Friday, I work from home in the morning also. It’s a non stop job but I am so happy to do it! Then, I prepare for the day of rest in Israel, which is on Saturday.

I do rest on Saturdays since I am not running around everywhere but my work doesn’t stop. I work on BrandTravels non-stop on Saturday’s and make sure to contact people for collaboration and to post as much pictures as I can.

and then back to Sunday!

I am also following a new workout program, three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

And I forgot to mention that I really do work on my blog every second of the day, everyday of the week, when I wake up, when I go to sleep and more! Oh, and I also have to see friends, and call my family, hang out with my boyfriend and maintain a social life. So how can I recharge for the week in order to not go crazy?

How to Recharge for the Week?

  1. From times to times, leave your phone on your desk and do something else than using it. Phones can be too much and too addicting. Since I use mine all the time with work, with my blog and for other things, I sometimes need to take a break and it is well needed.
  2. Make a list. Lists have saved my life. It helps me structure my thoughts and ideas and what I need to do during the week. Sometimes, I have more important things than others and I don’t realize it until I write it all down.
  3. Hang out with the people that matter most. It’s easy to make plans with anybody and everybody. But don’t forget to make plans with your closest friends and loved ones, they are the one that really really matter.
  4. Take 10 minutes of your day to call a family member. As weird as it may sound, calling a family member who you haven’t spoken to for a while may be a relaxing thing to do. Take time during the day to call them and catch up!
  5. Go to your favorite café, restaurant or bar. Going somewhere to just relax and not do any work is the best thing to recharge for the week. It will be a good time and that’s important!
  6. This is something I love doing. Clean your apartment. Make it smell good. Burn candles. The more relaxed you are, the more recharged you will be!
  7. Sleep, sleep, sleep! This is something I should do more as well. Take a nap, sleep in, sleep early, just make sure you get your 8 hours of sleep. This is how you properly recharged!
  8. Even if everyday is the same, just remember that you are killing it! Keep doing you, keep doing what you love to do and you will succeed in everything you pursue!