Alright, being an extrovert and feeling lonely! Let’s get right into it guys!

First of all, do you guys know the definition of extrovert? I always thought it was somebody that is outgoing and speaks to everybody around them, but I got it completely wrong! An extrovert is somebody who creates energy when being surrounded with others. And this is exactly who I am.

The Ugly Truth

I always thought living in New York City would be so much more glamorous than it actually is. It really took about nine months for me to realize that this city isn’t for me to stay after my studies. When I got here, I was imaging myself working in fashion, living in an apartment in the city and living a fabulous life. The truth is, it isn’t fabulous here at all.

Everybody in New York City is always busy, and here is where the problem starts. Everybody is busy. All. The. Time. They live to work, not work to live. They say, “we should grab coffee soon” but never actually plan it out to see you. No one has time for anybody. There is so much to do here, yet no one to do it with. And I know some are able to do things on their own, and I am capable of it too, but like I said above, I am the definition of an extrovert. Going alone to a museum just wouldn’t do it for me.

I have been feeling so lonely here for the past month that it really took a toll of my mental health. I didn’t want to go out anymore and didn’t want to do anything. Spring break came around and after I flew to Paris and Tel Aviv, things changed for me.

I realized how unhappy I was in New York City. 48 hours in Israel made me see how happy, and how full of life Israelis are. They live. Israelis enjoy the moments. They look at the world in a different way than people do here in the States.

When I got back here after a week off, I had trouble getting back to my routine. I found my classes uninteresting and even considered stopping my program. Until I spoke to someone super close and important to me. He told me about changing my mindset for the best. To try, even though I didn’t want to. And I tried.

Even though it is the last thing I wanted to do, I started messaging friends I have made around the city and asked to go for coffee, events, museums, boutiques, dinner, and more. I put myself out there more and tried to make everything a better experience.

And it Worked!

It’s just been three days since I have been feeling a bit better. However, it’s been the best three days. I have been hanging out with different friends, acquaintances, and classmates. I go out even though I am too lazy to and rather stay in ha! Also, I try to network and speak to the most people I can.

I changed my mindset and I know things will not always be at its best but I’ll keep on trying. The craziest thing is that the more I spoke to people around me, the more I was hearing that they felt the same way as me! No one speaks to one another so no one is aware of what’s happening! But here we are, all in the same boat! Students in one of the wildest cities on earth, but invaded with this feeling of loneliness.

I hope whoever feels this way, is able to speak up to a friend or a family member about it. It is so important to let it out. I know I did and I got the best advice. Have a great day everybody.