So many hotels in Tel Aviv and yet, only one has the best of pools. Say hello to the Hilton Tel Aviv! Located right next to the port of Tel Aviv, the Hilton lets you in their pool for a price of 215 shekel (60$). It is not the cheapest price but definitely worth it if you are planning to stay the entire day.

The Pool

The pool consists of an excellent service with a pool bar and a restaurant where you can have lunch. There is a meat and dairy restaurant, one next to the pool and one upstairs which has the nicest beach view. And because I’m sure you all love to munch on some snacks, Hilton Hotel thought of everything. From ice cream, watermelon and smoothies, you can snack off of anything at the Hilton’s pool so don’t worry about that!

Once in the water, you will feel refreshed and guess what? Your bathing suit will never get ruined since the pool is based on salt water and not chlorine!

If you are not a pool person, you can always head to the Hilton beach which is right down the hotel. The beach is quiet on certain days but very busy on Saturdays. The restaurant down there is not quite the best so I highly recommend you eating back at the Hilton Hotel.

I went there last week with my family and some friends; we really had the best of times! With the GoPro in hand, I made sure to capture some original shots which I hope you all like! XX

Ha-Yarkon St 205, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6340506