If you're afraid of height, might as well exit this post right now! NO STAY! I didn't start writing about my story 'bout this hike

Hiking the Slippery Moss Glen Falls


When you know you are going on a hike that has waterfalls all around in the morning, it’s definitely something you have to mentally prepare yourself to. About 3 miles north of Stowe, taking the car to this place is ideal. P.S, there are parking spots at the beginning of the hike. Before starting the post about my adventure, I just want to spill out a few tips for you guys.

  1. Bring a towel or a change of clothes as you may get really wet along the hike.
  2. Do NOT wear any kind of open shoes, you don’t want to slip and break a bone or something. If you have sneakers, wear them. If not, don’t hike this one.
  3. Put on a bathing suit, you’re not going to regret it when you get to the part where you can go swimming.
  4. If you’re afraid of height, might as well exit this post right now! NO STAY! I didn’t start writing about my story with this hike.

If you Bring your Dog

Since our dog came with us during this week in Stowe, we also took him for the hike (he also should see the falls). It was hilarious watching him walk under branches and over rocks since he is so little. He loved it as much as we did and even went for a swim in the freezing water after the hike.

The hike takes about an hour o get to the waterfall, the perfect timing, I think. It’s not too long and not too short, perfect to take beautiful pictures and take in the nature. It obviously takes a different time depending on how many you are, who you are with, etc. All around, the birds were chipping, the sound of the water was coming closer and the branches, rocks and grass. After walking up and down the wooden trees, we finally made our way to the fall which was spectacular to look at! To go under it, you needed to swim from the end of the hike and the water was SO cold that I chickened out and didn’t go in. My brother jumped off a rock however and swam to the fall where he enjoyed going in and out of it. My dog also went into the water and was never happier.

How can you resist a beautiful and refreshing hike on a hot summer day?

Moss Glen Falls, Stowe, Vermont, United States