Have you guys gone hiking before? Often, the challenge of going for a hike is full of excitement and energy! This time, it was a bit harder. Being in high altitude already, I was really tired no matter how much I slept and the simple action of breathing was also more difficult.

In times like these, going on a serious hike isn’t possible. This is why, they thought of everything in Crans. They constructed a regular easy and mostly flat hike right around the Moubra Lake. My advice is to definitely dress warm and make sure to have water with you at all times since the walking will require a lot of effort!

The hike could take around an hour depending of how fast you walk. No matter what, you shouldn’t force yourself into anything you don’t feel like doing. Keep a camera with you at all times because the scenery is just so nice! Bushes, rocks, woods and pines are all around the ground. When you lift your head up, you can also see the mountains all around you.

Hiking in Crans is truly is a call back to nature. You will feel so good when you are done the walk! Goodluck everyone

The Hike