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Animals from the Vermont

Warning: these pics may make you laugh when you closely look at the animal’s face. Perhaps my face will make you laugh too, but no judging, I was so close to the chicken which actually made me nervous (I have a fake smile on).IMG_5832IMG_5918IMG_5830 (1).jpgIMG_5423IMG_5412IMG_5912

The animals from the Vermont are TOO cute! Do you guys like animals?

Real talk for a second, the donkey’s smile is as nice as mine. So after our long car ride to the Vermont, we made it to Stowe, a 200 years old village that is by far the cutest but yet, weirdest in its own way, place. This place isn’t comparable to New York or all these big cities where everyone is busy doing something however, to have a relaxing time and a touch of nature everywhere you go, Stowe is the perfect place to be at.

After our stop at the Ben&Jerry’s factory and having our bellies filled with cookies and cream ice cream, we then headed to our hotel, only to find out it had farm animals running around freely everywhere! I was kind of weirded out by all of these animals but found them hilarious at the same time! I mean, look at these faces! What’s not to laugh about?

Apart from these animals picture, nothing really relevant happened today so stay tuned for the rest of my journey in Stowe, Vermont!