Visiting the world's most known urban park on my third day in New York City.

There’s always something to do or to see while walking through Central Park. No matter how old you are, you will find something to see that will definitely make your day!

From walking through bridges and looking at¬†waterfalls, to going into pedal boats and pedalling until your feet hurt and from smelling beautiful roses in the garden to bringing your younger siblings on the park’s famous carousel, the activities are endless.

The Green Spaces

When I visited Central Park, I was enchanted by all the green spaces that was surrounding me. Grass, trees, bushes, flowers, everywhere I walked, I felt the fresh smell of nature all around. Nowadays, it’s hard to find big green spaces that’s why it was so captivating to see.

People going on a jog with their dogs and young adults on the phone. Children running and playing ball, birds chipping and the sound of the lake flowing everywhere. All of these details I saw and heard made my visit in Central Park even better.

It is also the most filmed locations in the world so if you’re lucky, you might pass by cameras and a movie scene. Honestly, there is everything there from places to eat, to finding the coolest playgrounds so open big your eyes and don’t miss out on your day in this ideal park.