Have you guys been to Hebron before?


This city, located in the West Bank, only 30 km from Jerusalem, is a special one.

From Jerusalem to Hebron

It was my first time, since living in Israel, going into the West Bank. I just want to make it clear to everyone that this IS NOT a political post. I love Israel, I love the cities I get to explore in Israel and I will not get into the two-state solution talk.

From Jerusalem, I left to Hebron at around 1pm and spent the entire afternoon there. After an hour bus there, we parked and started our walk… to the ruins of Hebron.

After the visits of some ruins, we went up a building to see a view of the city. It was impressive. The cities in Israel all look the same from a bird’s eye view I think. Therefore, on top of the building, Hebron was just another city. Except I was in the West Bank which I found pretty exciting.

We visited some of old synagogues which held 500 year old Torah. How beautiful and colorful are the scripts?

Afterwards, we headed to the Caves of the Patriarchs to see the tombs of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I am not religious at all but I did feel something walking into the place. The tombs were in rooms filled with mosaics, different textiles and colours. The texts over the tombs was written in Hebrew but some of the mosaics were written in Arabic too.

If you guys are ever interested in a tour there, it’s possible! Make sure to plan ahead of time and it will be perfect! On a side note, I am starting my third and last year of university this week! Time is flying by and it just doesn’t make sense to me that I am almost done my Bachelor degree.

Are any of you studying abroad too?

Wishing everyone a safe travel in Hebron. Xx