Hamsa Club: A Little Bit of Israel in New York City

Last week, I received this beautiful and cozy T shirt from Hamsa Club which I am so thankful for. After living in Israel for three years, moving country is never easy. I was so scared I would be missing the sunny weather, the beach, the palm trees and basically everything Israel! Shockingly, I don’t miss it as much but it is always amazing to get some goodies to remind me of Israel.

Hamsa Club makes clothing and on this shirt specifically, is written New York in Hebrew letter style. HOW ORIGINAL? But seriously guys, it is so extra & I am so in love with it.

If you are interested in getting one too, you can head to the Hamsa Club website to find their products. You can also shoot them a DM on Instagram. But most importantly, don’t forget I have a discount for a US shopping FREE! Just type in “Brand Travels” at the end of your shopping!

Thank you HC for this amazing shirt that I will keep a lifetime, xx