Spring and Summer Ready-to-Wear 2017

The Leather Good House: Gucci

How can someone not be obsessed with this luxury fashion house?


How crazy does this runway look! Obviously not things we can wear out everyday but the collection is neat, chic and fashionable.

I picked those four looks because they really stood out compared to the others for me. The colours are so bright and full of life. This yellow romper with floral details is something I would totally want to have in my closet. Let’s also realize that it’s off the shoulder, something that is so in recently. The shoes are also so cool, platforms are totally something I love wearing, it is comfy and since I’m short, they make me look taller.

When I traveled to Milan, I went into the Gucci stores. The walls, the ceiling, everything is so unique and detailed. The walls were a bright Barbie pink that you could not forget!

Next up is that jacket with zebras on it, I think the red gives the best pop of colour and the zebra perfectly contrasts it. Also, whatever is on that model’s head, looks super cool.

Which look is YOUR fave? xx