Have you guys been to the Grand Canyon before?

I’ve been in Las Vegas for 3 days now and I finally have a moment to share with you all my pictures from my tour at the Grand Canyon.

Revealing millions of years of geological history, this place is quite unique.

What no one told me about this place?

Once on top of the rocks, you can scream whatever it is you want to say, and you will hear it echo THREE – even four TIMES!

I have been quite busy traveling to Vienna, then Paris twice and now to the other side of the world. I wish I had the time to travel all of the world, it is truly my dream!

Here are some of the shots I got from the helicopter ride to the Canyon.

The View

If you are planning on booking a tour to visit this place, I highly recommend you guys booking a helicopter.

You will not only see breath taking views of Las Vegas but really see the desert’s wild life.

The Strip also never looked better!

On another note, I still can’t believe that a shooting happened right here, only two weeks ago.

This world has gone crazy and my prayers are with the families of the victims. #VegaStrong

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Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona