Winter or summer, I always somehow end up at Gordon beach.

Have you guys been to the Gordon Beach before?

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If there’s one thing you will always find online if you type in ”things to do in Tel Aviv”, hit the beach! Like I mentioned in my previous post about the beach, you can go there on a hot summer day to tan. But also when during winter with a big comfy sweater on!

I’m usually always down to head to the beach. It’s like an activity I will never say no to.

After three years of not using my camera, I decided it was time to use it again. I’m really happy to see that my shots came out super well. The beach has never looked any better. On this hot day of August, I wore a simple black T with jean shorts. Super simple but hey, I’m going to the beach!  Maybe this theory of mine will change over time, who knows.

Hope you all enjoy this not-so quiet place during the summer. If you block out all the sound around you, you will realize how pretty the view is. Oh, and don’t forget to get ice cream. It’s hard to resist the ice cream sellers.

What’s your favorite thing to do at the beach ?

Gordon, Tel Aviv