Thoughts: Ready to say Goodbye to Israel

In 2015, I made the biggest decision of my life. I left Montreal and came to Israel for my studies. I was ready for a fresh start and studying at IDC felt SO right!

And here I am, finishing up my BA in Communications and ready to leave Israel after the three best years of my life. Mixed feelings. That’s what it is. How can I be happy to leave THE best country in the world? If I could write how I spent the past three years here, you guys would have to scroll down… FOREVER! So i’ll make it short.

Moving out of home meant taking responsibilities I’ve never had to before. I know it seems stupid, but it’s true! Doing laundry, cleaning dishes, cooking, paying bills, signing a contract on an apartment, those are all little things that slowly but surely, I got used to do by myself. And these are things, I didn’t even think of when I moved to Israel.

During my time here, I met THE most wonderful people. I now officially have a home anywhere in the world. Name it! I feel so grateful to have met the most amazing and caring friends ever. Since all of my friends also left home to study here, it’s like we know what it is to be here without family. And that meant we became each other’s family. When we are sick, we are here to take care of each other, when one feels homesick, we are here to cheer them up. It’s like we are one big family. And I wouldn’t do it any other way.

BrandTravels also started in Israel. I mean, if it wasn’t for here, I don’t even know if I would have started it! It is because of all the food, the art, the streets, the people, the energy, the noise and the colors that I started my page. I can’t believe I have done so much in such little time.

And as for my degree, since it is the main reason I came here… I am so proud of all the amazing projects and grades I have done and gotten. I was always a good student, but when you study something you love, it goes beyond it even! My classmates and I made a video branding Israel that actually got over 40K views! You can watch it here. 

I have two more months left in Israel, let’s make it count! Goodbye to Israel!