When you travel to Vienna for only four days, you don’t want to waste your time! This is why we landed at 7pm and were out at Albertina Passage at around 10pm with no complaints. I want to apologize for the bad quality pictures, it was the first night out and I didn’t want to carry around my Canon with me. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy the snaps I took with my iPhone.

Walking onto the ”Ring” of Vienna, you won’t really be able to see this dinner club as it is underground. If you want a reservation, you got to call a month in advance because this spot is super busy all the time. Once we got there, we got one of the best tables of the dinner, right behind the live band show that was playing loud funky and jazz music. We couldn’t help but dance a bit even though our drinks still hadn’t arrived. Oh, and about our drinks! The menu is endless and has so many choices. If you’re into sweet cocktails or spicy bitter ones, you definitely need a night at Albertina Passage.

We also got the chance to go backstage, into the private room of the club which was super cool! It was all empty so we had a little photoshoot back there!

I highly recommend this place to anyone who is ready for a good night out in Vienna!

Thanks for stopping by today, xx


Opernring/Operngasse, 1010 Wien, Austria