Get Rid of Tired Eyes with VIICode

Welcome back readers! I’m so so SO excited to write about VIIcode this week. Ever since I tried on their oxygen eye mask, my dark circles have been gone. Yes, all gone! I have been super stressed about school lately and I have not been sleeping well. Apart from that, I have to do 100 readings on my computer and being on screens so much, has been so hard for my eyes and skin. I am tired but also feel tired.

Last week, VIIcode sent me the oxygen eye mask for dark circles and it has been working like MAGIC! What I did is put them in the fridge for an hour before using them and I then, put them under my eyes. I left it on the entire day while studying at home and when I took them off, my skin was not only brighter, but softer and smoother.

Even though I still haven’t tried wearing it the entire night, you can! Usually, eye masks are so delicate and fall off so easily but this one stays on the skin SO properly. You can use it for no more than 8 hours which is incredible – usually eye masks are to leave on for 20 minutes before getting a skin irritation.

All About the Brand

VIIcode explains on their website that dark circles can be a factor of many different things from age 18 and up. Either it is the blood flow or the oxygen flowing, we all don’t like dark circles, so why not do anything about it?

The secret ingredients they use relief tired eyes, boost oxygen intake to combat wrinkled and over pigmentation, increases the blood flow and lymphatic circulation, and finally, plump and smoothes the skin!

If you have dark circles and want to make a change about it, head over to VIIcode and get yours today!

Thank you VIIcode for sponsoring this post