My Fitness Journey

Ever since I was a little girl, playing outside and being involved in sports was something I did. I played tennis from a very young age (thanks Dad) and loved going swimming! Apart from these two sports, I hated basketball, soccer, volleyball etc! I was always scared to get a kick in the face ha! When I was a teen, I wasn’t working out at all. I thought I didn’t need to and felt it was a waste of my time.

My cousin who’s two year older than me had always worked out and told me how amazing she felt afterwards. She ran, played tennis too, and lots of weight training and cardio. I thought it was awesome! She was my biggest motivation and inspiration in starting to workout… but I still didn’t.

When I went to college in Montreal, physical education classes are mandatory. I enrolled in a fitness walking class where once a week, we had to walk around the campus for an hour. That was the only exercise I got during the week. Also, I was talking to classmates while walking instead of focusing on the actual walk… What a fitness journey.

And Then it Changed

Enrolled in my second year of college, I took a more intense fitness class where we had to do all kind of activities. The teacher was AWESOME! His name was Joey, he was so inspiring, always happy, always cheering us, never putting us down, and pushing us to our limits each time. We were given workouts to do at home, we had to record ourselves I remember! It was cardio but also weight training and muscle resistance. Lots of abs, squats, arm workouts and more.

It is during this class that I realized how much I enjoyed working out. And after the semester was done, I kept workout out on my own, on a regular basis. Three to four times a week, I was heading to the gym to run and do core training.

Membership at the Gym

Getting a membership at the gym meant being enrolled in all types of gym classes. I started with one and met a friend there who was going to classes every single day. I didn’t hesitate one second and made the classes my priorities in my calendar. Every single day, I was going a gym class. Those were the years I was the most fit! Not one gram of fat on my body! And then I moved to Israel.

The Israeli Weather

With a constant sun and breeze, Israel made me train outside for the very first time. I had always ran on the treadmill and refused to try outside. Salome if you’re reading this, you know how many times you told me to try and run out! When I moved to Israel, running outside was something I tried. It was the best thing in the world. Running when the sun is setting, next to the ocean, next to other runners, in big wide green spaces, etc! I made running my top priority and I was also still going to the gym.

And Today?

I can’t imagine my life without working out. Running and releasing energy is a way for me to deal with all my stress and anxieties of the week. It is by far the best thing that happened to me. I feel grateful I am able to run, grateful I can lift weights, and grateful to have a state of mind that pushes me to my limits.

Working out is not something I do to lose weight or fat anymore. It is to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. To feel good in my skin and be healthy. It is not what physically shows that matters, but the inside of your body – and your mind. Working out sends out the best health benefits EVER. And this is proven science, many studies were done about this topic.

Remember that if you hate working out, it’s because you haven’t found the right exercise or type of workout for you. It also takes positive people around you to push you and bring the best out of your workouts. I know that without my cousin and teacher in college, I would still not be working out.

Hope you guys liked this little read of mine. Happy workout!