The 7 Hidden Gems in California

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Here is an interesting read from Olivia Jones, who will make you discover 7 gems in California you didn’t know existed. It is not only truly described and written, but you will definitely want to go to all of these places Olivia describes!

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If you ever get a chance to visit the west coast of the American continent, California is probably the most vibrant and extraordinary slice of Americana that brims with incredible locales and breathtaking landmarks. However, while it is easy to visit such popular locations like the Golden Gate Bridge and Venice Beach, here are ten hidden gems in California you didn’t know existed.

Pismo Beach

Only three hours away from Los Angeles lies Pismo Beach which is a picturesque destination for food lovers and tourists who enjoy easygoing outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, golfing, tennis and horseback riding. Of course, for those of you who enjoy aquatic activities, scuba diving is all the rage in this region.

Lake Almanor

All the way up, in the northeast corner of California, lies Lake Almanor – a sprawling location for those who enjoy outdoor activities and natural bliss. It is a perfect destination for families, especially if you are in the mood for camping. Lassen Volcanic National Park with steam vents and boiling mud pots is a sight to behold.

Sierra City

Sierra City is not really… well – a city. Its population barely crosses the number of 200 individuals, but it is a very popular location nonetheless. It is, in fact, a perfect destination for casual travelers who like the sense of adventure. The long and deep history that harkens back to the time of the California Gold Rush will satiate the history buffs and the surrounding nature dotted with pine trees is a real treat.

Buck Owens Crystal Palace

If you are not from the United States, then this venue in Bakersfield is a perfect slice of Americana for you. A music “joint” opened by the country star Buck Owens in 1996. The place organizes various music events all year long. You’ll get a chance to see something truly special no matter when you come around. The location also has a very interesting museum filled with music memorabilia.


However, if you are traveling to California for the first time with a group, especially if they are business colleagues, you can consult DMC California to see what are the best vineyards and retreats to visit as newcomers – like the scenic Guerneville which is acclaimed both for its incredible food and drink venues, and it is only an hour away from San Francisco. This lush region of forests hides a beautiful beach and is the backdrop to several renowned jazz and blues festivals.

Point Reyes Station

Guerneville is not the only interesting location near San Francisco. If you have enough time on your hands to drive around the surrounding country, go to Point Reyers Station. You will marvel at the spectacular cliffs and enchanting waterfalls. This is also a good introduction to the Point Reyes National Seashore region.

Gilroy Gardens

If you are in the mood for wholesome family fun with a twist of weird, Gilroy Gardensis a perfect destination to satisfy your playful spirit. This theme park with a serious Dr. Seuss vibe lies about 40 miles inland from Santa Cruz, and it combines local natural riches with theme park sensibilities.

These secret spots of California are an exciting proof you can’t learn everything from American movies. The Golden State is, after all, a big chunk of land filled with jealously hidden nooks and crevices of wondrous nature. It has an interesting topography and gob-smacking architecture. In order to get a true feeling of such an amazingly diverse land, you need to break the mold and go off the beaten path.