Today’s Outfit: Floral Dress with a POP of red

It’s a beautiful, breezy and sunny day here in Montreal today. And that’s why I decided to take out this H&M floral dress that is so perfect for this time of the year. It is so light, cozy and easy to put on. Since it’s green, I decided to go with the complementary colors and wear a POP of red with it.

I went with those big red earrings from Zara I got for my 22nd birthday and my favorite Goyard purse. I could literally put anything and everything in this bag. Let’s not forget my go-to Supergas sneakers that I’ve been putting every single day in Montreal.

It has been so good to be home. I have been organizing my closet like there is no tomorrow and I finally feel like myself again.

I am getting ready for the big move to New York City. I leave on Tuesday and as much as I am excited. I am nervous as well. Any tips to survive in the big apple? Ah! I’ve been to New York City so many times but only as a tourist. It’s so unreal I will be living there.

You can follow my journey there on my IG.