Las Vegas… or City of Sins… where to start!


Vegas to me, will always be the kind of fake world, we all dreamed of as children.

I remember, the first time I went there. I was speechless. All the lights, the people dancing, the casinos and energy!

This city, right in the middle of the desert, has so many activities to do. Let’s not forget that once you’re over 21, you can go out wherever and have the best time of your life!

All these Flowers

I understand why so many people come for their Bachelorette party… this is a party island!

This time, I stayed at the Wynn Hotel, the one right next to the Encore. The rooms are spacious, the windows are huge and the view is impressive; right on the golf court.

All the food at the Wynn Hotel is delicious, there is this asian restaurant, Red8, that has the MOST DELICIOUS chicken Tao and noodles! Oh my, I just love noodles!

I’ve being fairly broad because there is so much I would want to talk about but it would be way too long to do so.

I visited the Grand Canyon a few days ago and wrote about it today too. Have you guys done the tour there?

Thank you for stopping by today, hope you all have a good week!

Have you guys been to Las Vegas before? How did you find it?

Las Vegas, Arizona