Second stop: Florence

A City to Visit: Florence, Firenze


Capital of Tuscany’s region in Italy, Florence was by far one of the best stops ever made during the trip. Because we had just left Venice, not being surrounded by water and taking boats was very odd to all of us.

Early in the morning, we grabbed our bag packs and walked to the Ponte Vecchio. This old bridge has so much history to it that’s it’s worth reading about it before actually stepping into it.

-The bridge was created during the Romans Time and was destroyed by a flood in 1117. It was reconstructed later on with the same architecture and structure.

-Three segmental arches make part of the entire bridge. It’s totally length is 84 meters.

-”It is best known today for the wooden-shuttered goldsmiths’ shops that line both sides of it, and for the Vasari Corridor that runs over it (a private aerial walkway built in 1561 so the Medici family could move between the Palazzo Pitti and the Palazzo Vecchio, safe from risk of assassination in the streets below)”. (Source from

After strolling the city of Florence, we were starting to be hungry and we didn’t wait a second to get pesto raviolis and bolognese pastas. They were as good as Venice and only getting better. In the afternoon, we went to the Leonardo Da Vinci’s museum, which had a really cool montage video about his work and his thesis. (Super interesting, free and no waiting lines). We also stopped by the Plaza Lucchesi Hotel, which had the most incredible view of Florence and its monumental buildings!

Have you ever been to Florence?