Feeling Alive in New York City

From the moment I wake up, and that’s if I even sleep, I’m feeling alive! Feeling alive can mean so much. But in this context, it’s something I have never felt before. I’m literally laughing as I write this because what I’m about to say will sound ridiculous. I am in love with a city. New York City is so special guys!

The NYC effect is simple: you go to bed tired but you can’t sleep because you are excited for what you will do tomorrow. And even though I have been studying like crazy in front of a plain white wall in my room, something special happens every single day.

My roommate and I have had so many hilarious adventures since we got to the city. From getting lost in our own building, to forgetting our keys and getting locked out, there is always an adventure to wake up to here.

So back to feeling alive. Yes, I have breakfast, and I feel like I own the city. I step out of my apartment and walk to the subway, that feeling is here again. I meet people, I network, I communicate, I dance, I get drink and laugh my heart out, I come back at 3AM and workout at 7AM anyway. I have been on top of my game and once again, I have never ever felt more alive than here.

Maybe it’s living here, maybe it’s because I have found my path in what I want to do with BrandTravels. Either way, I am loving it.

What makes you guys feel alive? Xx