Canada’s Autumn Beauty

As a Canadian, I’ve seen the four seasons go by in a blink of an eye. Winter, Spring, Summer and then Fall, my favourite season.

Slowly but surely, the trees become red, orange, yellow and a mix of insane colors that you can see right from your window. It is a crazy change in the weather and actually the perfect weather outside. You can layer up your clothes but still wear a light vest that won’t be as heavy the winter coats we hate so much. This season is perfection. The fresh air is also so good to breath in.

I visited the Beaver Lake during fall season and it is quite impressive seeing the lake in front of all the different trees. Many people are outside, eating lunch, trying to get a tan on and it is seriously one magical scenery. Fashion wise, you get to layer pieces of clothing in fall which makes it ten times better. Layering has become an effortlessly easy way to style up your clothing. I really recommend tying up your hair in a pony tail because of the wind. Yes, it all looks so nice, but it is windy!

If you’re ever visiting Montreal, don’t forget to stop by this nature park! You won’t regret it. Xx