We’ve all heard of the famous North Abraxas, Port Said and HaSalon. Eyal Shani’s fourth hottest spot is Romano.

I ate there last week with my cousins and brother. A family kind of night can never go wrong and ours definitely was fantastic!

All four of us got there starved and ready to order everything on the menu. It was hard not to!

The Food

We started with the classic Jericho green beans. I wish I could make all of my readers taste it through the screen! You never have tasted such delicious green beans! I promise those can be good too! Eyal Shani’s recipe has a twist to green beans.

Next up, the black pepper pasta. I don’t really know where to start except that we had to order that dish twice. The pepper was perfectly spiced and the pasta perfectly cooked. Those are the pasta you don’t need to add parmesan on. Trust me, you’re reading off from an Italian food lover and expert!

We then continued with a fish shawarma. Basically a cooked fish cut up in small pieces in a delicious sauce.

The beef carpaccio came up next! It was impossible not to order it since all four of us ADORE beef carpaccio! How delicious does this one look?

And last but not least, we got the fish tartare and sashimi to change up the spicy taste we had in our mouths. This dish was served on a big piece of I dont-even-know the material.

Once again, we ate without plates. This is the signature of Eyal Shani’s restaurants. No plates, just cardboard paper on the table!

For desert, we didn’t hesitate in getting the chocolate cake which was layered with crispy things, caramel and cacao powder. It was all a REAL delish! I will be back Romano!