Heaven on Earth: Beresheet Hotel

After two long hours driving to the South of Israel, we finally arrived to what I can call paradise on earth. When we got to the Beresheet Hotel Spa, I couldn’t help myself but take pictures of all the details the hotel had around us. All the colors, patters and mixtures of the interior decor stood out for me and I hope you guys can see the magic too!

This gorgeous place is located in the middle of NOWHERE. Boiling during the day and freezing at night, you will find yourself in one of the nicest places you’ve ever been to. The pool is grandiose, faces the desert so you will lie down on the chair with a majestic view. Seriously guys, the Beresheet Hotel is heaven on earth.

The Spa offers so many treatments; aromatic and hot stones massage as well as deep facial treatments and reflexology. A fluffy robe will be given to you after the treatment and you will never feel as good. I hope you all enjoy these gorgeous pictures I took with my Canon camera. Contact me for more information on the hotel!

Have you ever been to the Beresheet Hotel Spa?

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