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Pacific Islands Fish

The Pacific Islands

There are many exotic destinations that you can visit in the Southern Hemisphere late in the year if you wish to experience some fantastic, sunny weather.

The Islands

Some of them are Vanuatu’s Mystery Island, New Caledonia and Fiji.

Lagoon in New Caledonia, Pixabay

Vanuatu’s Mystery Island is particularly great for kids, who can taste exotic fruit, and have fun paddling, kayaking or snorkelling there. Needless to say, there are great opportunities for swimming, too.

Noumea in New Caledonia also offers magnificent beaches and promenades, as well as many fun activities, such as coconut climbing classes for kids and glass-boat tours. You can also sample some local delicacies at a local market.

Finally, the most popular holiday destinations in the South Pacific and one of the most visited destinations of Pacific Island cruises in 2017, the Fijian archipelago, with over 300 palm-fringed islands and numerous coral reefs, is the place where you can try jet boating, kayak fishing, parasailing or learn to scuba dive. The fact that there are volcanoes, tropical waterfalls and many forest trails is just another reason why it would be great to visit Fiji, especially during the summer season, which starts in December and finishes in March.

Fiji beach, Pixabay

So, if you’re planning an exciting trip that offers amazing experiences, look no further. A cruise trip to the Pacific Islands is something you and your family will surely remember for the rest of your lives.