The Story of this Embroidered Leather Dress

Because it’s the holidays and I like to dress up, I figured a little black dress was the perfect thing to wear since obviously, it never goes out of style! I chose this black embroidered dress I got from Zara (yes almost all my closet is from there) about a year ago.

If you’re ever hesitating in buying a black dress, don’t! It is one of the best investment you’ll do since you could literally wear it again and again. I chose to style the dress with my Celine black purse. For the shoes, black Jonak booties.  You actually can’t see them below but I’ll be sure to post another outfit with those!

The dress itself has so many little details from the sleeves to the waist; the embroideries really take most of the whole piece but that’s what makes it so special to me!

How do you feel about a little black dress?