Whenever someone ask me where can they go eat dinner in Tel Aviv to have a good night. I automatically tell them: North Abraxas!

The Food

Ever thought you would eat your dinner on a piece on a piece of thin cardboard paper without barely any utensils? Think no more, this place is all you wished for!

If you’re up for a relaxed evening, reserve dinner at 7pm; you can order a good wine and talk without loud music and people all around. Eventually, the place gets a little noisy with really good funky music that will make you want to dance. Abraxas has a bar inside the restaurant (which I find to have the most fun since the bartenders give you free shots) or a sitting arrangement outside.

The menu is diverse and has a lot of different fish, meat or vegetables that are so good you will forever regret saying you don’t like!

I highly recommend getting the Jericho green beans which are the best of the best there! They come in a wrapped thin paper and have an vinaigrette mixed with lemon sauce. I mean, look at the picture below! Have you ever seen green beans that look this good?

Not Over Yet

The cauliflower is the perfect appetizer, it is crunchy, a bit burned and melts in your mouth the moment you bite in it.

The sweet potato that you can eat with your hands (yes, this is actually written on the menu) is at boiled perfectly and will simply leave you wanting for more. Don’t forget to dip it into the sour cream they bring aside.

Next up, the black pepper pizza. Where. To. Start!

Unlike the pizzas we know, this one is without any tomato sauce but instead, grounded black pepper which leaves a spicy taste in your mouth. Sour cream, jalapeno and a bit of tomato are put on the crust as spread and it’s simply succulent. Make sure you have a fresh glass of water next to you though, it is pretty spicy.

In the middle of your meal, the waitress will put salt on the cardboard paper you’re eating from, no big deal, only at this place salt is just right there on a paper.

For desert, the chocolate mousse is the one to have, I trust you all.

And More Food

They will bring it to you in a sort of a wrap and spread it all over a new cardboard paper right in front of you.

It’s refreshing, the chocolate is perfect (then again, when is chocolate not perfect) and it is the perfect touch to end your dinner.

Enjoy Abraxas everyone! Truly a unique gem you can only find in Tel Aviv.


Lilienblum St 40, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel