The beer obviously cracked open in my suitcase

See You Soon Amsterdam!

So sad to leave this crazy city called Amsterdam, but really happy to go back home at the same time! I guess that’s a common feeling for a traveller.

Anyway, before heading in the airport, my boyfriend and I obviously stopped at the famous I Love Amsterdam monument. We obviously took goofy pictures like we always do. Then we headed back to Tel Aviv with a layover in Paris. We got macaroons in Paris and my boyfriend hated them, he said the rose petal flavoured one tastes like soap… weird huh?

Anyway, so when I went to the Heineken factory, I got a personalized bottle with my name on it and beer in it obviously. When we got on the train in Tel Aviv, it smelled super weird and we both looked at each other and reapplied that shit, the beer had spilled in our luggage.

The question was WHICH LUGGAGE did it spill in? Well guess what everyone? I’m the lucky one! YAY! All my clothes smelled like fresh Heineken beer and it made my night when I got home at 3 am.

Jokes, I had to do laundry for an hour!

Hope you all enjoyed reading about my trip to Amsterdam, can’t wait to read up everyone’s comments.