Have you ever dived in the San Salvador’s ocean? I did!








I still wonder how I got myself diving 12 ft under the ocean to swim with fish, sharks and other creatures I don’t even know exist.

I also still wonder how I made it back to the surface alive since breathing in that I don’t really know what tube under water was the most uncomfortable thing ever.
So basically, before diving into the ocean, which by the way, left me speechless, I had to do two training courses in the pool of the hotel I stayed at. We practiced the signals in case something goes wrong. So many hand gestures to know and yet, so little time, I had to get my brain working and it was too early in the morning.

The Course

The course started at 6 am and even though the Bahamas is a hot country, the pool wasn’t that heated that early in the morning. With the scuba diving suit and the bigger-than-me oxygen bottle, I really asked myself why I decided to do this in the first place.
Oh and by the way, if you ever think you are strong enough to carry an oxygen bottle, don’t put your hopes up. That thing is pretty damn heavy! I almost fell backwards when the trainer put it on my back!
So after long hours of training, we finally headed onto the boat on our way to go dive! How exciting! (I was kind of freaking out actually)
On the boat, we put on our suits, our masks and the oxygen bottle. We attached the cables that go with it too. The palms and all the little details are necessary for a good and safe dive.
Before jumping into the ocean with the entire equipment, the trainer told us we have to jump in feet first. It was funny wearing palms that made your feet looked like a duck. And then, walking like a penguin to the side of the boat, I was ready to jump. I put a smile on my face and told myself this would be one of the best experience ever!
And I jumped.
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