Délices Érable is great. Not only that, it smells like maple all around the store.

Maple leaves, maple syrup, maple ice cream, everything maple in Montreal. If you’re wondering why, sorry if you hate history but the reason is that early Europeans settlers in Canada used the maple leaf symbol and it became an emblem to the country. Most of the trees are also maple trees which stay strong during the cold Canadian winter and intact in summer.

In Montreal’s Old Port, mostly a touristy area, are a tons of little spots with maple sweets but this place is by far the best I’ve walked into (and i’m not a huge fan of maple things).

The Store

As you walk in, you will find yourself surrounded by a thousand different maple bottles of any kinds. Further into the store, you can get yourself some maple ice cream and delicious maple taffy, yum!!!!!!
I really recommend everyone to get a little sweet desert after lunch in the city and this spot is perfect for anyone who enjoys maple; you will get a real taste of Montreal!

84 Rue Saint Paul E, Montréal, QC H2Y 1G6