Spring and Summer Ready-to-Wear 2017

Courrèges: A Touch of Modernism and Futurism

10201020-31020-21020-1When looking at those models and the clothes they are wearing, I know the fashion show was in Paris. The simplicity of the collection is totally French. The clothes really reflect the city the models are in.

André Courrèges is the master genius of this style. He is particularly known for his streamline from the 1960s. If you haven’t seen it, now is the time! You don’t want to miss on it.

Those chic jumpers you can see above are totally awesome. You can wear those at a gorgeous classy event, but also on a casual day with Stan Smith and a cool bag right? The pocket in the middle is the really one of the best detail from this collection. What do you think? The shoes are elegant and those thin heels are perfect for the entire runway.

Next up, that velvet red jacket is everything! The silver zippers are the best thing they added on as gold and red makes it less classy, I think. Those looks are really Spring and Summer inspired. Hope you all had a chance to look at the runway! Check it out.

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