All I need after a hot day in the city of Tel Aviv!

Fresh Frozen Yogurt at Tamara

There is nothing as good as Tamara on a hot sunny day in the city of Tel Aviv.


At the corner of Gordon and Ben Yehuda Street, Tamara has its doors open. To all the hungry tourists… and citizens of Israel. Indeed, there is always a huge line when you walk in. Don’t worry, you will get your frozen yogurt in a matter of five minutes due to the quick service.

What They Have

The variety of fruits and snacks to add on are endless and you can’t run out of choice to put on your yogurt. I highly recommend keeping it simple and taking the original yogurt, and not the strawberry or chocolate one they offer. With the simple yogurt, you can add any snacks and it will give the entire yogurt the best kind of taste!

The fruits are fresh and cut every single day, figs, dates, plums, bananas, apples, any fruits you can think of, Tamara has it. As for the snacks, chocolate mini balls, white chocolate pieces, peanut butter cream, the choice is diverse.

Not in the mood for frozen yogurt? There are also popsicles in the freezer right by the entrance with a hundred different flavours. This again, is as good as the famous frozen yogurt!

Hope you all enjoy this finger-licking frozen yogurt! Thanks for stopping by today, xx.

Ben Yehuda St 96, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 63435