Head over to Palmenhaus for coffee under palm trees!

Visiting the famous ”ring” in Vienna could be long and tiring. A part of the city in Vienna is indeed, the shape of a ring and this is why they gave that part of the city this name. Yes, it is gorgeous, but it is a really long walk. So, if you are feeling in need of a coffee, do not forget to stop by Palmenhaus, one of the nicest and coolest coffee place in Vienna. If you ever wanted to get a latte under palm trees, then there you go, this is the place for you!

I have been so exhausted from all the new places I’ve seen! It’s like never ending coffee places and restaurants.

The vibe and atmosphere of this cool spot will definitely wake you up to get going later on. The service is really quick and efficient which is always a good thing. As for the coffee and hot chocolate, both were the perfect snack to sip on after a long day.

Burggarten 1, Wien