Hello readers! As you guys know, I am stopping campaigns since I am removing myself from the blogging community. However, one of my last campaigns is this one. I am so excited to talk to you guys about Codeage.

Last month, I realized I needed to do something about my nails which were breaking so much more than in Israel. I truly think it is because I moved and changed climate. Anyway, the point is, I needed to do something about it. After weeks of searching online for collagen pills, I came across one.

Codeage is the Perfect Brand for me

Codeage is Los Angeles based and provides the most advanced nutritional food supplements to be in a better shape and a healthier lifestyle. They had a variety of pills that I knew would help my nails be stronger again since they provide the nature of the ingredient by including the vitamins to fuel the effectiveness of the supplements. Their research is made, the data proves it, the reviews were good and they are Los Angeles based, which means I would get the package in less than a week.

I also saw they had turmeric pills that helps with bloating and helps to boost the metabolism. And so just like that, I ordered both and after one week of waiting, they came right at my door.

Turmeric Pills

The first days of taking the turmeric pills, my stomach was getting more upset than ever before. It was actually horrible and I realized that taking two pills was NOT for me. My piece of advice for you guys is to listen to your body. If you feel like getting sick, nauseous or whatever, just stop right away. I started retaking them after a week of putting it on hold and I’ve been feeling so good. Bloating is down and metabolism faster, yay! If you are interested in getting these pills, just click here.

Multi Collagen Powder

I’ll skip you guys the details but basically, my nails are not breaking anymore! And even more than that, my hair is shinier and looking as healthy as ever! The benefits of collagen are basically a brighter skin, it also supports tooth and bone health, it promotes joint healing and weight loss and regulates hormones. It can ONLY do you good, so even if you have no nail problems, I highly suggest these to anyone. I decided to go with the powder one because I can just put a scoop in my water and Tadah! It does the trick for the entire day! If you are interested in getting Collagen pills just click here.

I’m usually not one to buy supplements online, I’ll be honest with all of you. But you know when you have a good feeling about something? That’s exactly how I felt with Codeage! So I hope you guys get a good look at their website, because I know for a fact you will feel what I felt. In only four short weeks, I have seen an improvement in my health and living healthy, is by far the most incredible thing. ¬†Thanks for stopping by guys, xx.