Isn’t avocado toast just the perfect meal for brunch? YES, IT IS and Citizen Café has some good toasts, not only avo!

Citizen Café

Pink pastel walls, flowers and trees all around, if you want to brunch outside on a cute patio, Citizen is the place you need to go to! The service is great, the staff will make sure you have everything at all times and the menu couldn’t be more perfect!

If you’re into toasts, you’ve got plenty! But if you’re in the mood for a healthy bowls, you also can have those! There are matcha, salads and soups! Alright, let’s skip to the toasts.

  1. The avocado toast – the classic toast that everybody wants to have! It is great, fresh and you definitely will be happy getting it!
  2. Za’aluk Toast – a chickpea and egg toast! It is so original and definitely was a great one to get too! It was a bit salty I found but that’s about it!
  3. Afarse Toast – grilled persimmon with smoked rosemary! Original, but still didn’t try this toast! I guess I’ll have to go again!

The Drinks

Are you guys coffee lovers? I am! Want to know which coffee I get? I usually have or an iced Americano, or a latté with soy milk! SO YUM! The coffee at Citizen Café was delicious! I also got an ‘elixir’ drink called Detox. It was good as well. The drink is black but don’t worry! That’s the charcoal in the drink!

Have a Good Brunch!

So yes, if you live or are visiting Tel Aviv and you are looking for a good brunch / vegan place, Citizen Café is where you should go! I also forgot to mention that it is located in central Tel Aviv, so you can’t miss it! Have a good brunch everybody, xx

Montefiore St 15, Tel Aviv-Yafo