Are you obsessed with chocolate? Perfect, so am I!

Just a little warning that the pictures below, WILL MAKE YOU GUYS HUNGRY!

Looking for chocolate stuffed with caramel and nougat? Or almonds covered in salted caramel? David l’Instant Chocolat is THE place to go in if you’re craving anything sweet. In Crans-Montana, you can find the best sweets since obviously le chocolat Suisse is the best.

The all Chocolate Store

The store was all wooden with a twist of modern art. All the shelves were filled with everything that I adore! It was hard not getting everything guys, I swear!

We walked in this small store full from lunch but walked out with bags full of goodies and chocolates of all kinds! Once again, if you like chocolate, make sure to head over there.

My trip to Switzerland has been so good so far. I have been a little sick because of the high altitude though. Have you guys been through that too before? I heard its common.

Anyways, don’t forget to get some goodies at David l’Instant Chocolat.

Avenue de la Gare 6, 3963  Crans-Montana, Suisse