We ended up staying the night in Capri. Only problem is, no hotel and no place to sleep

My Capri Adventures

img_9971img_9981img_9929img_9921f58ef8dc-5923-4624-9448-5a2c99da7907img_0028img_0041After 5 long days in Rome, we were headed to Naples early in the morning. When we got there, finding out AirBNB with no wifi was probably one of the hardest thing. But we managed to find it somehow.

First thing on our list in Naples: head to the port. Take a ferry to the most beautiful place: Capri!

Located on the South side of Naples, the boat only took an hour. When we got there, it was already mid afternoon. We then wanted to visit the famous Grotta Azzura, or Blue Grotto. Few things to say about this visit.

  1. It is NOT cheap, you will have to pay for the boat there and back, plus tip the guy who brings you inside the cave
  2. If you are seasick, do NOT do it! I repeat, do NOT do it. Heading to the cave is fun but waiting there 30 minutes on a moving boat will really make you sick. Yes, it happened to my bestfriend.
  3. Of course the inside of the cave is impressive, but you only stay there not more than 30 seconds, which totally sucks
  4. If you want to swim while you are inside, you’ll have to pay the guy bringing you more.

POINT OF STORY, yes it is definitely a place to see, but there is really NOTHING that special about it, sorry to deceive you all! Just make sure to bring a lot of money.

Later on, our ferry was supposed to be an hour after we got back from the cave but we ended up not taking it to stay a night in Capri. Only problem is, no hotel and no place to sleep. So where did we stay?

Stay tuned for the second part of this hilarious story.

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