Finally a day in the city after five nights surrounded by farm animals

Burlington City

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Burlington City is one of the most populous city in the Vermont. After driving from our village where all we could hear is cows and chicken…it was more than wonderful to be in the city.

Apart from the nature surrounding the city, this place can get quite crowded and busy. But I loved it!

First of all, people were shopping and entering different stores all around us. Second of all, restaurants were busy. Lastly, the art and graffiti on each walls were unique and completely worth taking pictures of! This black and white Bugs Bunny mural is something I would want in my future house. Not you?

Next up, we ate at this cute restaurant for lunch. The salads were super fresh. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the place. On the other hand, anywhere you go, restaurants have high quality food. Because of all the office spaces, make sure to be there around 12PM to not wait in line forever.

We obviously didn’t forget to enter Ben & Jerry’s before leaving the city (even though we went to the factory itself 3 days ago). We all got our favorite flavour and it was a real delish! Therefore, I recommend all of you guys to head over there for yourself!

Been to Burlington City? I’d love to know how you liked it. Little do you guys know, I am always open to hearing all other’s travels adventures. That’s what makes me a travel blogger right?

I will definitely be back Burlington! Meanwhile, you can always look at my adventures on Instagram! 

Thanks for stopping by everyone, xx

I will continue to post some Vermont posts and then move on to my trip in Italy. Who’s excited?