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A Brunswick Green View in Vermont

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Brunswick green… definitely in the Vermont.

Staying at an Austrian inspired hotel made me 1. Obsessed with apple strudel and 2. Made me want to watch the Sound of Music since this hotel is inspired by Trapp Family.

The View

Everyday, we had the most amazing view from our hotel room, all was a brunswick green, peaceful and relaxing. No cars driving, no pollution or smoke, just quiet, birds chipping and fresh air to breath in, simply amazing. After yoga in the morning, we all headed to the tennis court to play for an hour. It was amazing to just let out all the energy into hitting the ball and running around the court everywhere. In the afternoon, we all changed into our bathing suits and headed to the outdoor jacuzzi or walk around into the woods, it was spectacular.

I know I talk about my dog in every post since I got to Stowe but he truly adores it here and I think if he could stay, he would. He runs up big rocks, sits down there and just look everywhere around him (he probably thinks he is some kind of giant or something).

Either way, Vermont is truly amazing and if anyone is looking for the most relaxing weekend, head up there! If you want to see more posts about Stowe and the Vermont, make sure to do so on my website!

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