Where to start with the 57 Restaurant in Vienna?

Guys, if you are travelling to Vienna anytime soon, 57th Restaurant & Lounge is THE place to go to. I don’t care how busy you are or how far you are staying from the Vienna International Centre. No matter what, it is THE best place you will go to. It was Definitely the coolest and my favourite place I’ve seen from my entire trip there.

The train is right off the DC tower which is really a plus. You won’t have to walk for a long time. After going up 57th floor, your ears might get blocked but your mouth will definitely drop when you see this unreal view of Vienna. Be prepared guys!

If you are planning on having brunch or lunch there, reserve a week in advance to be sure to get a spot. The brunch includes an endless buffet with sweets, salty, and anything you might like. The coffees were made on point, the appetizers were so tasty and all the desserts made me want to have everything! It was delicious, and you will eat it all with the nicest view.

I really hope you guys all have the chance to visit this incredible place and the best part of it is, glass champagne before sitting down at your table! If I could rate 57 a 10/10, this is the score I would give it!

Thanks for stopping by today guys, xx

I will be coming back to Israel after Vienna with some special blog posts for you all. The blogging life is tough but it will be so worth it in only a few years! I will never stop working on it. I hope all the content I put up for you guys benefits you all and inspire you to follow your dreams.

DC Towers, Donau-City-Straße 7, 1220 Wien, Austria

The Restaurant and Food