Welcome to Beauty’s everyone!

I’ve always enjoyed this place that I’ve been going to for years now in Montreal. It was my first time going in such a long time. So that the club sandwich I ordered brought back too many memories. I remember being a kid and always asking for club sandwiches. If a restaurant didn’t have it on the menu… Ended up with me crying.

This cute breakfast and brunch spot really has the best quality food for a good meal. The place opened in 1942 and you will never go inside and see the restaurant empty. At first, everyone called it luncheonette ‘Beauty’s’ and the name just sticked. Beauty’s is very dinner-liked. It makes me think of the dinner place the cast of THE O.C used to go to to get shakes.

Located on Mont Royal Street, it is the perfect neighbourhood to have the best omelette, scrambled eggs or even blueberry pancakes! Even someone who isn’t into brunches will enjoy sitting down by this cool place.

I have been super busy in Montreal. Checking out new places and getting some interviews done. I am heading back to Israel in a few weeks and ready for some new adventures!

Thanks for stopping by today, xx

93 Mont-Royal West, Montreal, QC H2T 2S5