Have you guys had breakfast at Motto Am Fluss?

One thing I was grateful for this entire trip to Vienna was definitely going with my Austrian friend. She knew all the good places to go to and not once was I disappointed! On our first morning, she brought us to Motto Am Fluss, a café on an iconic boat-style building , right off the train station.

Guys, if you want a delicious breakfast before starting a big day visiting the centre of Vienna, I am begging you to go to this spot!

They not only have the best hot chocolate and coffee, but also the most yummy scrambled eggs ever! The banana pancakes are also so fluffy and mouth-watering! You will definitely finish your entire plate! Best part about this place? You will be having breakfast with a panoramic view of Vienna no matter where you are sitting! The waiters are so patient, helpful and will translate all the menu if you don’t speak German.

The menu ranges eggs Benedict, avocado toasts for breakfast and then also has hot meals for lunch such as salmon and other delicious things! You will never be out of choice!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope I made some of you hungry!


Franz-Josefs-Kai 2, 1010 Wien

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