Hey Heineken Factory!

The Heineken Factory

It’s never too early to get beer, we thought to ourselves, on our way to the marvellous Heineken Factory in Amsterdam.

img_7996We got to the place super early. The line was already pretty big!

#1 tip, come prepared if it rains or if it’s freezing, you don’t want to wait in the cold with nothing to warm you up.img_8004img_8013All around, Heineken signs, logos and panels were above us. The factory is huge, with tons of things to do, there are virtual games, beer tasting with tons of people, a little fun lodge to drink beer and listen to music, the history of Heineken of course and other super cool things! I highly recommend this tour to anyone who is in Amsterdam, after all the Heineken headquarter is a fun museum to see. img_8015img_8016The brewery are enormous. Those don’t work and are simply on display. I checked inside and they are SO deep. img_8024My boyfriend likes to make cool poses in front of cool things, duh! 

But for real, how cute is he? img_8037img_8057And that’s a wrap for today!

Too much beer resulted in us not being able to smile because we were so bloated! Hope all of you travellers are able to visit this incredible tour one day too!

Thank you Heineken Factory for having us! It was such a blast drinking beer in your factory. img_8048

Thanks for stopping by today, xx

Stadhouderskade 78, 1072 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands. (if you guys can pronounce this street name, props to you!)