Harsh title I know. Be selfish. What does that even mean? We were all raised and taught to be selfless by giving love, affection and everything to one another. However sometimes, life hits you hard and in that moment you realize that you need to be selfish, and think about yourself and your happiness.

I think that by selfish, I mean it more as a self-care process. But what is self care? Well, it’s a plan that can help you balance your health and wellbeing, and manage your stress. Even Mac Miller wrote a song called self-care, duh! 

Sustaining positive self-care in the long-term is everybody’s goal, yet not everybody is doing what they need to achieve it. And this topic makes me wonder… Why are people so scared to be selfish and think about what they need and want from time to time? 


In a toxic relationship? Enrolled in a program you hate? Surrounded with negative energy? Pressured by your parents to do something you don’t want to do? Are you doing some things for others, but not for you? 

If you answered yes to some of these things, that’s totally alright.

What isn’t, is if you don’t change that up. In a toxic relationship, break it off, there is better out there for you.Enrolled in a program you hate, get out of it, you will get in something you truly love and ace every course. Surrounded with negative energy? Let go of it all and open your heart for the positive out there! If you have pressure from your parents to do something you don’t want to? Stand up for yourself and speak up. 

Why are we so scared to do this things when it would ONLY make us feel better? My guess would be that we’re scared of the unknown. We’re scared to find out if the decision we make will have a good or bad outcome. But guys, if you never do it, you will never know! 

In life, you just have to be selfish. For your own good. And think of what you really want and need. We’re all human beings. We all have feelings and thoughts that will eat out our brains until we can’t think properly anymore. And this is why I am writing this piece. Because, as an emotional person, I also have to remind myself that being rational, is the best way to live life sometimes. 

I believe coming to New York City made me more rational than ever before. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I really want and what I really need. I’ve been listening to myself and ever since, I have been the happiest I have ever been. What about you guys?