In America, I find it hard to find good refined and sophisticated bakery. Almost all the places I see when I walk in New York City are fast food shops that doesn’t even look appetizing at all.

Balthazar Bakery was different! I finally found a good French breakfast place in New York City!

A Good Oat Scone

Luckily, while strolling in SoHo, I came across Balthazar, a French bakery that really made my stomach growl the moment I walked in. I chose to take an oat scone because I was just really in the mood for a scone and not a fruity one; it was the best choice! There’s something about this city that always makes me hungry. I wake up hungry, go to bed hungry. Maybe it’s just my mind playing me tricks thinking of all the good places to go eat at!

You also know a place is good when there is a bunch of people there. We had to wait maybe 20 minutes in line! Long, but worth the wait!

The scone was delicious, the perfect yummy breakfast I was looking for and Balthazar was really a place I found special. I will definitely be back! Balthazar opened in SoHo in 1997 (21 years ago!) and keeps on rocking every single day!

80 Spring St, New York, NY 10012, USA