Spring and Summer Ready-to-Wear 2017

Ashley Williams: Very 70s and Cozy Knits

I couldn’t be more obsessed with Ashley Williams and what she makes! I am so into old school style and very 70s like… even though I was born in the 90s. This collection reminds me of the outfits in Full House. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember DJ having the same knitted sweater from the one right below.

How do designers get their inspiration? It could also be from movies they watch.  There are so many things to get inspired from as a designer. I feel like just walking outside and looking at nature helps.


If you’re into oversized sweaters and denim fabric dresses, Ashley Williams is totally the fashion show you should watch on Vogue today! From jersey and bomber jackets to cartoony shirts with simple light blue jeans, this designer really created a cool and funky vibe. The shoes are almost all the same, all black, platformed and everything we look for for a grungy outfit!

What’s your fave outfit from this designer? xx

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