Amalfi Coast on our Last Day

//Amalfi Coast on our Last Day


On our second to last day in Italy (sniff,sniff) we took a train to Amalfi from Naples. We figured out that after Capri, Amalfi was definitely the second coast we wanted to visit.

I just want to point out that if you ever do take the train, MAKE SURE to not cross the railway even if you think there are no trains on the go. There are underground paths for you to cross beneath the rail tracks that are not super visible but just look around!

Second, keep your things really close while in the train because I unfortunately lost my fav Ray ban sunnies there.

About Amalfi, when you get there, just go down the road and you’ll end up being in front of beach with beautiful colorful umbrellas and people all around the place!

Before starting to pack and all, we decided to have one last caprese salad, pastas and obviously ice cream to end up our trip to Italy perfectly! Shoutout to the best travel buddies, I definitely would travel the world with you guys.

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