Hey guys! Welcome to my blog. If you are looking for cool travel tips and adventures, fun styling and outfits, delicious restaurants and fantastic beauty products, you’ve come to the right place. I created  BrandTravels in 2016 as a way to express myself through all of the things I love most, traveling, fashion, food and basically anything lifestyle. I hope you like what I share as much as I do.

I was born in Paris, raised in Montreal, studied in Tel Aviv and now hoping to a new chapter in my life: studying fashion in New York City. And living in the city that never sleeps inspired me to share my daily adventures and chronicles with you.



My name is Sharon Brand, creator of BrandTravels. I am currently studying Fashion Studies at Parsons in New York City and I a part-time blogger. I am also the Social Media Coordinator for StandWithUs and Comptoir400. My main interests are travels, fashion, lifestyle, food and beauty.

As stated above, I was born in Paris, France. I moved to Montreal when I was young and I was raised there for 13 years until I moved to Tel Aviv to do my Bachelor in Communications. I am now back to the other side of the world and will start studying fashion in the Fall of 2018.

I’ve written many articles for many different papers, journals, and websites such as The Culture Trip, The Plant, Telavivian, MASA, and more. I have worked as an intern in a digital marketing firm and switched to something I truly adore, social media. I have been a Social Media Coordinator for StandWithUs for over a year now. I am also managing other Instagram accounts in parallel to my studies and my blog. I have partnered up with a lot of brands, such as La Roche Posay, Cacao Powder, Secret Wood, Lays, and more.

If you’ve land on this page, great! There are probably a few things you may not know about me. I am French AND Canadian, I have a Yorkie which I love so much, I have a boyfriend for 3 years now, I am scared of blood, the dark and clowns. My biggest pet peeve is hair in the shower (even mine gross me out, I know, I am weird). I’ve traveled to 19 countries so far. I play tennis and swim. I love life so much and always ready for a new adventure.

I am available for collaboration on the following projects:


Sponsored blogs, vlogs, and social posts

Facebook Live videos

Events and meet and greets

Photo and video shoots

Other projects that will help tell your story to my engaged audience